26 April 2009

Webcomic 86

Indy's New Sidekick

Webcomic 85

What came fisrt the chicken or the egg?

Extended Holiday

Hi Everyone!

The break is lasting a bit longer than expected... ill probably be updating weekly now. Well video games dont play themselves you know!!


05 April 2009

Creative Holiday

The Pseudocatfish Team are going to be taking a week out this week to work on material (and mostly play Pokemon Platinum ) So there will not be much going up this week. Thanks to all my visitors so far, im quite suprised how many people have come on and looked at my random doodlings. I know im not the best artist or the funniest but the support is much appreciated :)

Anyhoo hope everyone has a great time with all the festivals coming up


04 April 2009

Webcomic 84

Paragliding Dangers